Thanks to the unique structure, our Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship will generate a tangible impact on the ability of 80+ intermediary organizations to liaise with key actors and to provide information, guidance, training to students, who as a result, will be more likely to become to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and possible set up their own businesses.

Firstly, by participating in the Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship Regional Alliances and jointly developing and executing Action Plans, intermediary organisations will:

  • boost awareness of the need to open up the teaching of entrepreneurism and to teach it not as a technical or theoretical concept, but as a transversal skill relevant to all aspects of a young person’s professional career
  • provide a very practical case study of how to achieve the much discussed concept of cross-sectoral collaboration in a step-by-step guide, which can be replicated in regions across Europe.

In terms of the direct impact on students – the project will increase the proportion of students acquiring an entrepreneurial mind-set or engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activity thanks to improved entrepreneurship education in their colleges and institutions. Their entrepreneurial mindset will make them more employable and students with start ups will be better linked to the wider entrepreneurship support system to gain focussed support to help push their startups forward upon completion of their course.