The Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship project partners were selected based on the evidence of:

  • the strategic relevance of entrepreneurship education for VET students to the organization’s mission and core activities
  • diversity of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship education, as well as diversity in type of organizations (public, private, nonprofit)
  • Level of horizontal and vertical linkages to regional, national and EU actors and policy makers in the adult enterprise education and economic development (contribution to dissemination and wider sustainability).

Get to know our project partners

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (UK) is a local government authority with a firm commitment to encouraging entrepreneurial activity in the region and with close links to the South Eastern Regional College, with over 37,000 students in campuses across the region. In the Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship they are responsible for:

  • Project Management, Quality & Evaluation, Sustainability.
  • Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship in VET: Needs and Opportunities for your Region.

Roscommon Leader Partnership (IE) is a local education and development body in the west of Ireland, coordinating projects in education, social inclusion and enterprise. A hub organization working with dozens of regional and national partners, RLP Is used to effecting change through collective impact. They are leading:

  • IO2 Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship Regional Alliances.

Technical Education Copenhagen (DK) is one of the largest vocational colleges in Denmark with a student body of more than 25,000 of which 4,500 are full time students, and a staff of 775. A multi-cultural vocational college, TEC focuses on Innovation/ Entrepreneurial skills, Talent and Pedagogical ICT in the VET programmes. In Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship, they are responsible for:

  • Student Entrepreneurship Support Toolkit / Phase 1: Content development

Inqubator (NL) is an experienced provider of vocational education and training to early stage entrepreneurs and has carries out general entrepreneurship education in the region. Their consulting wing has a proven track record in marketing and creative curricular development and they are a highly experienced in management and evaluation of Erasmus+ projects. They are responsible for:

  • Assisting Quality Management & Evaluation of the project

Feltech Software Innovations (IE) is an experienced multi-media and software development company, focussing on entrepreneurship as a means of professional progress and social cohesion.   Combining their own experience, extensive best practice knowledge and proven ICT skills, the Feltech team will convert our content into attractive, relevant communication and learning resources in:

  • Student Entrepreneurship Support Toolkit / Phase 2: Technical Realization

Cebanc (ES) is a Spanish post-secondary college in San Sebastian with a large teaching staff and thousands of students enrolled in business, marketing, hospitality, health and computer science. This will enable them to coordinate:

  • Student Entrepreneurship Support Toolkit / Phase 3: Implementation and Feedback

EUROPEAN FOUNDATION FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING (BE) is a European association promoting quality and innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training throughout Europe. They will lead:

  • Dissemination