Europe needs more entrepreneurial citizens – creative, confident individuals who innovate to solve problems and convert ideas into business opportunities and enterprises. Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship seeks to address this by increasing the proportion of vocational education students acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset and engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activity.

  • Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship is designed to improve entrepreneurship education for students of all ages, not just those individuals who express an interest in starting a business.
  • We provide lots of practical information and guides to help you to help students to start up and become more entrepreneurial! Check out our regional alliances, student entrepreneurship toolkit and project multiplier events!

The Project

Entrepreneurship is now understood as a mind-set with a specific set of competences of value to all individuals not just those who want to start up or run a business. These competences – creativity, innovation, risk-taking; autonomy, initiative; problem solving and design etc. are all very valuable traits and skills for students which better their chances for success in all aspects of their professional (and personal) life.

Our Impact

Thanks to the unique structure, our Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship will generate a tangible impact on the ability of 80+ intermediary organizations to liaise with key actors and to provide information, guidance, training to students, who as a result, will be more likely to become to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and possible set up their own businesses.

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